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A few years ago, Western River Expeditions in Salt Lake City, Utah started looking for tour operator software that would manage bookings and compliment core marketing initiatives. A pioneer in the river rafting industry, Western River began guiding guests on Grand Canyon expeditions in 1961. Since then, operations had grown to encompass much of the Western United States. In addition, Western had just started a sister company in Moab, Utah which would offer just about every type of day tour possible. This sister company was aptly named "Moab Adventure Center."

Western River Expeditions was using custom tour operator software which had become quite antiquated. Moab Adventure Center was taking reservations by phone and entering them into a giant book. As operations grew, the paper process was getting unreliable and the antiquated software was continually having issues. Both companies had excellent marketing programs but neither were able integrate well into the reservation software.

Brandon Lake, head of Sales and Marketing for Western River and Moab Adventure Center was determined to find the best solution possible. In his search for tour operator software, he made a long list of functionality which included much more than just "make reservations." Here are a few items from the list.

Unfortunately, as all the available tour operator software options were evaluated, no system was found that combined all these objectives. Other tour operators found they had similar challenges in finding software that fit their business. They decided to put together a team of developers to build a complete tour operator system. It was to be both reservation software AND a marketing system and would be called "Res-Mark." As the marketing features of the tour operator software were implemented, all the tour operators using the system began seeing a significant change.

Using Resmark was like having another employee or two out there doing all this work. And with several advances since then, Resmark is now integrating email, social media, reviews and more into the booking process. Today, Resmark is not only the key ingredient in tour operator marketing and sales strategy throughout the US, Canada and the Caribbean, it is also responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in tour bookings.

Resmark Systems Today

Today, Resmark Systems is used by tour operators ranging in size from 1 user to 50+ users. Companies of all sizes are seeing results. Check out some of the tour reservation system reviews from Resmark clients.