Booking the second step of the Customer Journey
feature_Booking the second step of the Customer Journey

Channel Management for Tour Companies - Your Pathway to More Bookings

Part of a solid booking strategy for successful tour companies is to increase the reach of bookings through outside sales and marketing channels. These channels provide additional outlets to reach customers that you will not likely reach directly. Tour companies generally pay a commission or offer a lower net rate for these sales in exchange for getting the sale through the outside channel.
Tours & Activities Gross Bookings By Channel 2014-2020

Focus on the best channels for your business

The number of channels now selling tours and activities is broadening every year. The right mix of channels is different for every tour company. RESMARK will help you take advantage of more sales channels so you can reach your full booking potential.

  • Travel agents
  • Hotels and concierges
  • Cruise ships
  • Activity desks
  • Other local tour companies
  • Global online travel agents (OTA)
  • Regional travel websites
  • Destination marketing companies (DMC)
  • City attraction cards
Suppliers funneling into your company and going out to resellers

Connect with resellers & suppliers in a profoundly new way with RESMARK TrueConnect

Sharing real-time inventory means more seats filled, with less friction, and even less drama. Whether you sell day tours that book at the last minute, or multi-day adventures that sell months in advance, you will benefit from RESMARK’s unprecedented TrueConnect platform that allows you to work seamlessly with resellers such as travel agents and local hotels as well as other supplier businesses like that popular tour down the road.

Simplify channel management

Simplify channel management

Given the complexity of all these sales channels, finding a way to successfully manage your target channels can be incredibly difficult. Each channel may have differences in commissions, net rates, tour selection, and pricing. Plus, ensuring that each channel has access to your real-time inventory and tour details is critical to reducing the time spent with each booking.
Connected Product

Provide custom pricing for different sales channels

Resmark allows you to sell your inventory to the public at one rate, while sharing the same inventory with reseller channels around the world at different rates. Customizable settings allow you to work with Travel Agency XYZ, who gets one particular price and commission, while letting Hotel ABC sell the same tour for a different price and net rate. Leverage your relationships and adjust your settings according to each.
Commission Payables Summary Report

Save time with invoicing

Resmark automatically creates your business-to-business invoices between you, your suppliers, and your resellers. Both you and your connected business have access to the same information on the same invoice, increasing efficiency and eliminating discrepancies.

TrueConnect Dashboard for Channel Management

Create your own local network to get more last-minute bookings

According to Phocuswright, nearly 40% of travelers don’t book shorter single day tours and activities until after they arrive to their destination. TrueConnect allows you to create a local network with other supplier and reseller channels, using sophisticated connection tools, and real-time inventory. No other reservation system on the planet works the way Resmark does.


What’s next after Channel Management?

Now that we’ve covered online bookings, in-house reservations, and channel management, it’s time to dig into the experience itself. As tour companies, we often think of this as the tour itself, but the reality is, the experience begins the moment the tour is booked. Every interaction with your business surrounding the tour itself is part of the experience, and many of those interactions happen via technology. Let’s start with all the messages you send to a customer. This is what we refer to as marketing automation.

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