Sharing the fourth step of the Customer Journey
feature_Sharing the fourth step of the Customer Journey

Customer Reviews: The Key to Starting A New Customer Cycle

People like tours and activities. It’s why we travel. People also like knowing, ahead of time, that the tour they are going on, or the tour company they are traveling with, will meet their expectations. Gathering feedback and encouraging reviews is absolutely imperative in today’s experience economy. RESMARK allows you to not only automate this step, but to do so at the exact time that makes sense for your guests.

Post end date email details

Customize the timing of post-trip follow up messages

If you sell multi-day tours, it doesn’t make sense to reach out to your guests and ask them how it went on the day after their tour began. RESMARK’s CruiseControl allows you to trigger communications based on not just the end date of a particular tour, but on the end date of a particular reservation, in the event your guest is booked on multiple tours that span multiple days. Each guest receives their own message when it makes the most sense for them.
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Increase customer reviews exponentially

RESMARK doesn’t care which social media platform your guests like to use. Provide links to TripAdvisor, Facebook, Yelp, or Google, and let your guests decide. Your response rates will increase immediately, especially for companies that have leveraged our WaiverSign integration, as every guest that signs a waiver, automatically has an email address associated with their record.


Watch the customer cycle feed itself

Check out the RESMARK Features Page and you’ll see how leveraging the power of customer-generated reviews can create boat-loads of inspiration for potential customers and guests around the world. RESMARK was designed from the bottom up to provide help to you and your customer’s along each step of their journey, one reservation at a time.

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