The Story of Resmark A proven system designed for today's challenges

Tour Operator Software...Crafted by Tour Operators

Operating one of the most successful tour companies in the United States since 1961, we have continually focused on crafting the perfect guest experience in our tours and adventures. Today, our guests' interaction with technology has become a major part of the overall experience with our company. As this interaction with technology has grown, we've uncovered some major problems and challenges shared by most tour operators. To solve these problems, we've crafted an unparalleled solution that has yielded impressive results.

The Problem

Tour operators and outfitters around the world are facing some significant challenges. The landscape in which we sell our products has significantly changed and the technology available to address these changes often falls short. Now tour operators need a software solution more than ever.

Supplier and Reseller Challenges

The most successful tour operators today are those who are working together. But the all-too-tedious process of checking availability and confirming bookings creates a barrier to providing the immediate service that our customers have come to expect. Plus, this tedious process is so time intensive that tour operators often have to hire additional staff to manage it, creating additional expense.

Complex and Confusing Software

With the inherent complexity of running a tour operation, so much of the software out there is just plain confusing for both the customer and the sales agent. This limits sales and hinders service.

Too Many Applications

Tour operators often find themselves working with several software applications. Reservation systems, marketing software, channel management, customer service programs, email marketing. It’s confusing, time-consuming and ineffective.

The Solution

We built RESMARK to solve these issues. The all new RESMARK matches our passion for pursuing the perfect guest experience. We wanted a software platform that could inspire and delight our customers as much as the tour experience itself. We had 3 goals. Connect. Inspire. Simplify.


Our unique TrueConnect technology now allows suppliers to connect to other suppliers and resellers and sell real-time inventory without ever lifting the phone. Suppliers can connect to a network of over 32,000 resellers as well as other local suppliers and local resellers in their own area. Customer confirmations and business-to-business invoicing is all handled within TrueConnect.


From top to bottom, RESMARK is built to inspire and delight not only our users, but also our guests. Beautiful online bookings, confirmations, and automated follow-up messages inspire our guests to book more and come back again and again.


The all new RESMARK combines booking, distribution, marketing automation, review management and waiver collection into one seamless platform. It saves businesses loads of time. It simplifies the critical steps to success.


The Result

Our own tour business has grown from just 5,000 guests per year to nearly 40,000 guests. RESMARK users have processed over a billion dollars in sales. Hundreds of millions of automated messages have generated new sales, improved service, and created smiles on guests around the world. A small forest has been saved through using digital waivers. Businesses everywhere have helped one another grow and find greater success through RESMARK.


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