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Group of rafters on white waterWith thriving raft and inflatable kayak adventures, retail store, rentals and a shuttle service, Orange Torpedo needed an adventure travel reservation system that could handle both units and people. They tried other tour operator software, but quickly realized it would not handle their diverse business. Orange Torpedo chose RESMARK's tour operator software because they understood their business and stuck with them through implementation to ensure their success.

Orange Torpedo Pioneered Inflatable Kayaking Adventures
Since 1969 Orange Torpedo has provided white-water river rafting on the Rogue, Salmon, Klamath and North Umpqua Rivers in Oregon, Idaho and California. They are one of the few companies to offer custom-designed, time-tested adventures where you paddle your own inflatable kayak with expert training from an experienced guide. Or for a more relaxed adventure, Orange Torpedo also offers oared rafting trips where the guide does all the work.

In addition Orange Torpedo has a full service rental business, as well as shuttle service that transports customers to and from the rivers. And their retail operation offers all the amenities to make the adventures more memorable and enjoyable. Orange Torpedo boasts a 76 percent customer return rate and head guides that have been with the company more than 20 years.

Diverse Business Presented Challenges and Opportunities
Before using RESMARK's tour operator software, Orange Torpedo used paper schedules, Excel spreadsheets and QuickBooks to run the business. Later they used a basic travel booking software program that helped make them more efficient, but it was still very painful. Next they tried a couple of other travel booking systems, but after a short time they quickly realized the software could not meet their needs now or in the future, and support was lacking with the other companies.

Specifically there was no automated marketing functionality, nor could they handle the diversity of their business. They wanted a way to track end of year statistics and figure out where people were hearing about them. But most importantly they needed tour operator booking software that could handle both units and people.

Resmark the Clear Choice after Addition of Rental Functionality
Resmark did not have the ability to handle Orange Torpedo’s rental business when they first considered them, but when the functionality was added Resmark became the clear choice. After making the decisions they quickly realized that Resmark was what they had been looking for all along. They were excited that the software was hosted at a secure data center, and they did not have to spend more money to get up-to-date hardware.

Resmark also allowed Orange Torpedo’s staff to do business from any location. Several of them live in Portland, Oregon part of the time and Grants Pass for the rest of the year. Prior to using RESMARK's tour operator software, it was difficult to access the reservation system from other locations.

Excellent Customer Service Sets Resmark Apart from the Competition
Aside from all the great functionality delivered by Resmark, Orange Torpedo says that what really sets Resmark apart from the competition is their excellent customer service. As mentioned before, Orange Torpedo has a very diverse, multifaceted business and they did not want to loose any momentum during the installation process—it was critical that business not be interrupted.

“We talked to Resmark’s support staff almost every day during the entire installation process,” said Erik Weiseth, owner and general manager. “They were right there to answer any question—and stayed with us through every stage of implementation to make sure that the system worked the way we needed it to work. I would recommend Resmark to anyone for the customer support alone.”

Orange Torpedo consistently made suggestions to the Resmark staff during the process and many of the suggested enhancements showed up in subsequent releases. This gave them the confidence that Resmark cared about their business and their success. For example, Resmark added a window that would allow them to make change online and at the retail shop, an addition that saved a lot of time for Orange Torpedo and their customers.

Online Booking Increased Dramatically
After implementing RESMARK's tour operator software, online bookings shot up more than 400 percent. Customers could book a trip on the website and receive an immediate email confirmation which was not possible before Resmark. But the real value was the increase in their one day and short trips—these trips increased 25 percent over a three-month period.

Before the customer had to talk to someone in person if they wanted a one-day trip happening the next day. Now reservations can be made online and a staff member can be automatically notified by email. And it is significantly easier for existing customer to book any trip online any time day or night.

Automated Emails and Marketing Functionality
Automated emails have been a big part of the 15 to 20 percent overall growth for Orange Torpedo. Any time a customer requests any information they automatically get a set of emails customized to their request. Many times they get the impression that they are actually talking online to an Orange Torpedo staff member personally. This has led to more new customers and a 20 percent higher conversion rate than before.

Orange Torpedo also uses automated emails to send promotions that are targeted to past customers; or they might run a promotion with discounts that would allow customers to extend their trip for a small additional fee. This approach has increased profitability significantly. They also send automated thank you emails at the end of the trips that gives customers ideas of how to share their adventure on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and other social media outlets. As a result their Facebook followers have grown dramatically.

Other marketing functionality included in the Resmark reservation system allows Orange Torpedo to see the ROI on many marketing projects using a drop down menu. For example they can track how many people came to the website after seeing a magazine article or by a recommendation from a friend, etc.

Smooth Operations is Now the Norm
Operations are much more efficient since implementing Resmark. For example, customer get invoices emailed to them so they can pay in advance and spend less time checking in the day of the trip. Customers also get more communication from the company which helps them feel more connected and more a part of the adventure.

Groups are much easier as well. They receive an automatic email with the release forms included which can save a lot of time if they are completed prior to arrival.

RESMARK's tour operator software has also created consistency for the Orange Torpedo staff. All of the records and notes are in one place. Guide schedules and shop schedules are now all in one system. Time is also saved putting people into the system, especially with repeat customers. Their business has increased, but they have not had to hire more people in the office, which has also added to their profitability. In addition, Resmark has helped them maximize the use of their equipment.

The Future with Resmark
Orange Torpedo’s future plans include more marketing using the Resmark System. They see the endless capabilities with Resmark and plan to use more of the functionality. They also plan to increase their business through resellers and sub-contractors such as the addition of fishing trips. They also plan to work with hotels, athletic clubs and social clubs to increase their exposure to new customers. Orange Torpedo is confident that Resmark can handle these additions easily and efficiently.

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