Using your Reservation Software to get more Twitter Followers

Brandon Lake  |  March 26th, 2010

Twitter and your Reservation Software

In terms of social media for business use, especially in the travel industry, a lot of our focus is on facebook and twitter – and for good reason. Here are some stats of unique visitors and monthly visits for the top social networks.

In this post, I’ll focus on twitter. For some ideas on facebook, see how to increase facebook fans using your reservation system.

So, you have a tour company or travel business, you’re using Resmark Systems tour booking system, and you have a twitter account. Let’s put this put this all together. If you’re using Resmark Systems reservation system to generates leads for you (ie people in your database who are interested in your trips, but not yet booked), you may have a simple way to get more "tweeple" to read your "tweets."

First, make a list of “tweetables” that work for your tour company. Some ideas include:

• Availability Updates
• Amazing photos or "twit pics"
• Interesting area facts
• Weather news
• Guide news
• Event news
• Humor
• Behind the scenes facts
• Special sales

You can add more ideas and specifics to this list, but its a good start. Although I’m not a big time "tweeter" personally, for those all those "tweeps" out there in the "twitterverse", I’m sure some of these "tweetables" could be fairly "atwactive."

Now, you need followers.

Use Resmark Systems reservation and marketing system to generate leads for you. In an automtic inquiry follow-up email, ask them to follow you on twitter. These people are more connected to you because they’ve provided some information to you and engaged with you on some level. This connection is much stronger after an inquiry, after a reservation, and after a tour has taken place. Using Resmark’s Marketing Automation Software during all of these transactions can help generate oodles of twitter followers.

In your communications regarding twitter, provide some reasons why these people should follow you. Those reasons might differ depending on whether that person is in the reservation system as an inquiry, a reservation or a past guest.

Resmark Systems users who are using automated emails can also add twitter links (and any other links such as facebook) to all automated emails. You may even want all of your staff to include these links in their own personal email signatures.

Twitter and all social media in general allows you to provide more of a personal face to your business which has some huge advantages. All too often in business, we let the brand become more of the face of the business instead of the people – when in reality, it’s still really all about the people isn’t it?

Brandon Lake

Brandon Lake

Brandon is the founder and CEO of RESMARK & WaiverSign. He also runs Western River Expeditions and Moab Adventure Center, two of the most successful tour businesses in America. Brandon loves cycling, skiing and traveling with his wife and 4 children.