Finding the Best Reservation Software For Your Business

Chip Broyles  |  March 26th, 2010

How has Resmark's Reservation Software helped companies improve their businesses?

When I ask our customers what features propelled them into choosing Resmark for their new reservation booking system, the answers are as varied as the companies themselves. From brand new start up businesses looking to build a strong foundation as they enter into the world of adventure travel, to well seasoned multi-million dollar operations that deal with hundreds of thousands of customers every year who know their products and trust their good name.

Dave Pond, owner of Long Point Eco-Adventures, a zip line and canopy tour company in Ontario, Canada, has just finished his first year in operation and one of the very first things he bought to ensure the immediate success of his new company was Resmark’s tour & reservation booking system. "I knew we needed to make an immediate presence on the web so we looked at a lot of online booking tools. Resmark’s booking process, style and ease of use won me over from the very beginning. As a result, we have become one of the premier destination spots for family adventure in Norfolk County. Thanks Resmark!"

With more than 500,000 guests alone last year Nantahala Outdoor Center easily ranks as one of the biggest and well-known outfitters in the eastern United States. With seven outposts in North Carolina and Tennessee that offer adventures such as whitewater rafting, kayak instruction, and mountain biking, they have a huge operation and needed a new computerized reservation system that could handle the complexities and nuances of it’s many divisions. Resmark’s reservation system provided the answer. Sutton Bacon, NOC’s CEO, is the first to tell you, "Resmark was the best decision we ever made!" Their daily operations have become smoother and more reliable, while at the same time their online reservations have increased in the range of 70% over their previous online booking system.

Bottom line, whether you’re just starting out and want to get your feet planted firmly on the ground, or have been around for years and are ready to upgrade to the current and future world of online reservations, marketing , and in-house operations, Resmark Systems has something for you.

Chip Broyles

Chip Broyles

Chip is a co-founder of WaiverSign , and is currently their VP of Business Development and Operations. He enjoys traveling, spending time with his family, and playing acoustic guitar.