Online Research and Reservations is Where it’s at in Adventure Travel

Brandon Lake  |  January 24th, 2011

​According to the Adventure Tourism Market Report, most adventure travelers research and book their trip online.

It is a growing trend with no end in sight.

Market survey

If your adventure travel software is not fully equipped to easily handle online traffic and reservations, and it does not allow you to proactively connect with these online customers automatically, check out Resmark tour operator software. With Resmark:

  • Website and reservation system are seamlessly integrated
  • Each online reservation is automatically scheduled
  • Online customer receives automatic email confirmation, trip information and follow-up
  • Reservation agents can be fully trained in less than 2 hours

"Resmark has been a big part of the growth we have had over the past two years. Our business picked up immediately after we implemented the fully automated, online reservation system. Right now 38 percent of all reservations are fone online and we expect the percentage to be higher next year." Read More

Bruce Lessels
Owner, Zoar Outdoor

Brandon Lake

Brandon Lake

Brandon is the founder and CEO of RESMARK & WaiverSign. He also runs Western River Expeditions and Moab Adventure Center, two of the most successful tour businesses in America. Brandon loves cycling, skiing and traveling with his wife and 4 children.