Using Your Reservation System to Save Money on Advertising

​Why do most companies spend huge amounts of money on the wrong advertising?

It’s often because they don’t have a good way to track leads, conversions and cost of advertising. Resmark Systems tour operator software offers a way to track all this.

Advertising Effectiveness

Tour Operators using Resmark will often ask, "What is the best way to determine the value of an advertising source? Is there a good benchmark for expected returns?" These are important questions that every tour operator, campground, vacation rental, spa or any business should be asking. The process of eliminating ineffective advertising can save thousands while spending where it makes the most difference can also return huge benefits. I generally like to use a benchmark of 10 percent of revenue as a benchmark cost of advertising. If something costs more than 10 percent, I’d recommend eliminating it, unless its conversion rate is much higher than other sources.

The key is tracking both the costs and the results directly in the reservation software. The chart on the left shows general advertising categories from with Resmark Systems tour operator software. Each of these categories is subdivided into individual advertising sources where you can see total revenue, total cost, and return on investment. You can then make a better decision about whether to keep it or eliminate it.