Using Resmark Systems tour reservation software, you can run the Past Due Balances report daily or weekly to determine which reservations haven’t paid in full or have a balance past due.  Even if you collect payment in full at the time a reservation is made, it’s still a good idea to run the Past Due … Continued

During the course of making a reservation with Resmark Systems tour booking software the question is asked, "How did you hear about us?"  How can you use this information to improve your marketing efforts? Running the Advertising Effectiveness report will help you determine how effective an advertising source is in terms of lead generation and sales … Continued

If you’re looking for a great place to stay on your vacation, where do you start? Online of course. If you’re a bed and breakfast, campground, hostel, guest house, or hotel, an easy-to-use loging reservation system is essential.  With the right booking software a person can easily find availability for individual nights at the campground, … Continued

Proms, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, conferences, showers and just groups that want to get together.  These large group reservations with are not the easiest things to coordinate.  Facility reservation software will make it easier to keep track of the group, the various caterers, florists and even Uncle Fred.  These types of reservations often have many changes … Continued

As we all know, the best advertising and marketing comes from previous customers. A kayak reservation system will help you keep in touch with your customers after they have been on a tour.  You can send them emails about upcoming kayak tours, send them a discount or a coupon to invite their friends on a kayak tour.  … Continued