Frequently Asked Questions

We've provided the answers to some commonly asked questions below about Resmark Systems Tour Operator Software. If you have others, please feel free to contact support.

Installation of the RESMARK Tour Booking System is simple. Once your Enterprise Server is configured, you will be provided a link to download the RESMARK Desktop Smart Client to an unlimited number of computers. Easily install it at work, at home, or on a laptop to take your business with you anywhere you go. In addition to the powerful desktop application used by office staff, your customers can all access your RESMARK online reservation application.

System Requirements for Client Application
The following is recommended of the computers that run the application:

  • Processor: 1.8 GHz processor or better
  • RAM: 1 GB or greater
  • Operating System: Windows or mac
  • Disk Space: At least 150 MB
  • Internet connection: DSL, Cable, T1 recommended
  • Microsoft Office with Word & Excel or similar product
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader

Installation of your new RESMARK Tour Operator Software couldn't be easier. Our transition specialists will help you each step of the way—from data migration to staff transition and training. Once you have made the decision to upgrade your business to RESMARK, we will configure your server and provide a link that you can use to download the RESMARK Booking System to an unlimited number of computers. Download it at the office, at home or on a laptop to take your business anywhere.

Installation & Transition Includes:

  • Analysis of your current system and transition needs
  • RESMARK Systems Enterprise Server Installation
  • Database configuration and initialization
  • Email server installation
  • Embedded reporting server and application installation
  • ExactTarget account setup and configuration
  • Online reservations and inquiries website design, styling and setup
  • Unlimited one-click downloads of the RESMARK Booking System Application
  • Data migration from your previous system
  • Training and setup support for the new system

As a RESMARK Systems customer you have an exclusive service contract that provides you access to a team of system developers and support staff that will be available via phone and email. This team environment ensures that your service needs will be met promptly allowing you to make your business successful.

Support Includes:

  • Off-site data hosting
  • Data security service
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Unlimited email and web support
  • Nightly backups
  • Consulting and education
  • Continuous upgrades

Yes. We understand how monumental it is to change reservation systems and we know how important it is to make the right choice for your business. We're also so sure you'll be completely excited about what RESMARK can do for your company, we'll give you 14 days to try it so you can be sure too. Easy-to-follow video tutorials plus unlimited access to support will help you get your system up and running right away. Call us today at (888) 737-6275 or (801) 733-9548 to schedule your own personal demo or watch a video demo online now.

We could all use something to increase conversions, profitability, save money, and make and our lives a little easier.  Designed and used by leaders in the travel industry, RESMARK Systems offers one of the most advanced reservation and marketing solutions available. This is a system you can't afford not to have. For all of our users, the savings in labor costs, additional online sales, and increased efficiencies from automation pay for the system several times over. Now, more than ever, is the time to get RESMARK Systems.