Direct Linking

The simplest method of integrating your website with your RESMARK reservation engine is to do Direct Linking. When using Direct Linking your customer is taken directly to your RESMARK server after clicking the booking button. If you want your customer to stay on your website after booking an item you will need to use Embedding.

Direct Linking to Search Results

<a href="">Book Now</a>

The number above (26) is the ID of the specific item from RESMARK you want to link the booking button to. You can get these numbers from an administrator of RESMARK.

Direct Linking to Calendar Results

If you want your customer to be taken directly to a calendar view of available dates for your item swap the word search with book as follows:

<a href="">Book Now</a>

The above URL will send the user to a full-screen calendar rather than a search result list. This is recommended for mobile websites.

Linking to More Than One Item

You can have your search results return multiple items by providing a set of ID numbers.

<a href=",50001,487">Book Now</a>

The above snippet will take the customer to a search results page with 3 items on it, item 26, followed by item 50001, followed by item 487.

Linking to an Item Type

An Item Type is a group of items that fall under a category such as River Rafting. Item Type IDs can be found in the Setup area of RESMARK.

<a href="">Book Now</a>

The above code would return all items with the item type of 9.

Linking to a Location

You can return a list of all items that occur at a certain location by providing the location ID number from RESMARK setup.

<a href="">Book Now</a>

The above code would return all items that occur in location 3.