Website Integration API

The RESMARK Website Integration API enables RESMARK clients to have their reservation engine accessed through their main website in an intuitive way. The new RESMARK online experience is fully responsive and adjusts to the device your customer is booking on.

Who should read this document?

This document is intended for web developers interested in integrating RESMARK Systems functionality into the sites they are working on. This is NOT intended for non-technical RESMARK Systems users. If you are a RESMARK Systems client, please share this page with your website developer.

It is assumed that you are familiar with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Experience with HTML5 is a plus, but not required.

Information Needed to Get Started

There are a few things you will need to gather in order to complete the integration. An administrator of RESMARK can provide you with this information.

  • RESMARK subdomain
  • RESMARK stylesheet URL (embedding only)
  • List of RESMARK Item ID numbers
  • Whether you want a direct booking or embedded integration

Optional items you may want to use:
  • Locations - Allows you to create a button to all items at a particular location.
  • Item Types - Allows you to create a button to all item of a particular item type such as River Rafting Trips.
  • Package ID numbers - Used for several items grouped and sold as a package.