As we all know, the best advertising and marketing comes from previous customers. A kayak reservation system will help you keep in touch with your customers after they have been on a tour.  You can send them emails about upcoming kayak tours, send them a discount or a coupon to invite their friends on a kayak tour.  … Continued

According to HD Marketing, "The mix of media channels has shifted from a one-way broadcast model to a set of dynamic two-way media forums." In other words, marketing now feels more like you’ve just pulled up to this street sign and are scratching your head. The fact is that today, marketing is about conversations. Email and … Continued

TripAdvisor recently announced its new mobile app. It will allow travelers to make better last-minute decisions – even during their vacations.   The trend towards basing travel decisions on feedback from real people is ever increasing.  Getting a high quantity of excellent reviews on sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp is paramount for tour companies. So, how … Continued

As a tour operator, your first concern is to set up the perfect tour filled with adventure and excitement.  You do not want your guest’s first adventure to be during the reservation process.  An adventure travel system makes it convenient and easy for your guests to reserve adventures  online, over the phone or in person. Tour booking … Continued

In the winter as you look over your empty, quiet campground, are you thinking about the summer rush?  Probably not, but even in the off season with campground reservation software you can start controlling the bookings of what will hopefully be part of a very busy summer season.  Internet reservation software would have built up … Continued

If you run a spa, sometimes it can be difficult for your receptionist to be checking people out, collecting money, scheduling the next appointment and be making appointments with people that phone in. One of the ways to alleviate some of the stress of multi-tasking reservations is through spa reservation software.  No doubt, as a … Continued