Located inside the Moab Adventure Center, this booking kiosk utilizes Resmark's newest online tour booking system to allow guests to book activities "self service" style. The Resmark booking kiosk is much less expensive than traditional kiosks as it simply uses the touchscreen of an iPad to display available tours and allow guests complete a purchase.  The … Continued

Using Resmark Systems tour reservation software, you can run the Past Due Balances report daily or weekly to determine which reservations haven’t paid in full or have a balance past due.  Even if you collect payment in full at the time a reservation is made, it’s still a good idea to run the Past Due … Continued

Resmark’s 2011 Online Travel Marketing Summit kicks off later today with the first installment of it’s 5-part webinar series dedicated to the adventure travel industry and it’s unique sales and marketing needs. This year’s summit has been dubbed "The Fall Super Series" because of the incredible lineup of guest speakers and panelists from around the … Continued

During the course of making a reservation with Resmark Systems tour booking software the question is asked, "How did you hear about us?"  How can you use this information to improve your marketing efforts? Running the Advertising Effectiveness report will help you determine how effective an advertising source is in terms of lead generation and sales … Continued

Talking about your travels is much easier than reviewing the plumber who fixed the toilet yesterday.  As tour operators, we should have no problem getting a plethora of reviews.  A recent post from KISS Metrics highlights 7 creative ways to get customer testimonials.  Facebook Reviews Linked In Recommendations Youtube Video Reviews Local Search Directories Niche … Continued

Someone visits your website, requests an itinerary, a brochure or a guide to your area.  You’ve generated a lead.  Now what?  Statistics show that nearly 50% of companies never follow-up with a prospect. They also show that over 80% of sales are made after the fifth contact. What are you doing to followup? Resmark Systems … Continued

Karen returns from an unforgettable South African adventure.  She posts a new photo album on her facebook page, tweets a note about your company to her 827 followers, and replies to an emailed survey to give you some feedback about the trip.  A few days later, in her newsfeed, she finds a recent post of … Continued

Spring has sprung, rivers are flowing, and change is all around.  All of us here at Resmark Systems are excited to share with the entire outdoor adventure travel industry that we are proud to announce the creation of our new website design division, Resmark Interactive. We’ve already gotten some great feedback from current Resmark clients, … Continued