If you run a conference or event planning business and do not yet have meeting room reservation software program in place, reservation managment can likey be a challenge. You might be interested in an online res system.  You’ll get comprehensive tracking and reporting, helping you make better marketing and budgeting decisions. In fact, our online … Continued

If you have conference room at your facility or any event or activity that gets a lot of reservations, you can eliminate the need to maintain a database and reservation system by using facility reservation software. Companies who have upgraded to Resmark’s online reservation software convert 50 to 200% more leads than prior to using the system. … Continued

Have you ever received and email from an airline featuring fares from Dallas to Miami when you live in Portland?  Or how about an email from a tour operator showing you the ultimate costal biking adventure when you really wanted to go sea kayaking?  What’s worse is when the airline knows you live in Portland … Continued

Whether you are a company that provides educational tours to students and teachers alike or an outdoor adventure company, a travel booking system will make your life easier. With a travel reservation system, you’ll access your reservations, reports and data from anywhere with 99.9% up time. Moreover, you can securely process payments according to PCI … Continued

When selecting reservation software for your tour business, there are several things to keep in mind. I have comprised a list of functionality that should be sought after by business in the Adventure Travel Industry. System CostAs is the case with most business software, you get what you pay for. This doesn’t necessarily mean that … Continued

If you’re a busy restaurant or a seasonal one, you know how difficult it can be to keep reservations straight. But if you have restaurant reservation software, your life can get easier and more organized almost instantly. When you have an online booking system software on your site, you can get more comprehensive tracking and reporting, which … Continued

When I ask our customers what  features propelled them into choosing Resmark for their new reservation booking system, the answers are as varied as the companies themselves.  From brand new start up businesses looking to build a strong foundation as they enter into the world of adventure travel, to well seasoned multi-million dollar operations that … Continued

In terms of social media for business use, especially in the travel industry, a lot of our focus is on facebook and twitter – and for good reason.  Here are some stats of unique visitors and monthly visits for the top social networks. In this post, I’ll focus on twitter.  For some ideas on facebook, … Continued

According to compete.com, facebook had over 120 million unique vistors over the last year.  Twitter had over 20 million unique visitors in the last year – an increase of over 1,000% from the previous year.  If you’re still not sure how social media relates to your tour operator business in terms of the power of … Continued