Book Now: The Power of Website Booking Integration

​The integration of your "Book Now" buttons is a key component to your Resmark Tour Operator Software and online reservation success.

"Book Now" buttons should be easy for guests to find and offer a simple path to selecting an item.

Resmark offers two ways to integrate with your website: Embedding or Direct Linking.

The Embedded Calendar Method

If you have many activities and a unique page for each item, the Embedded Calendar integration method is a powerful tool and popular choice! With the Embedded Calendar, guests select an item or activity and are directly presented with the Resmark activity calendar. After selecting the number of seats or items, guests are presented a clear path to checkout and completion of a reservation.

Recently, Resmark development has simplified the embedding process. If you're interested in how this form of website integration might work for your company, please contact Resmark Support at 801-733-9548.

Embedded Calendar

Check out the following companies currently utilizing the Embedded Calendar:

Direct Linking

The simplest way to integrate your Resmark Tour Reservation Software to your website is through Direct Linking. Companies who offer just a few activities or who offer multiple activities per web page may choose to Directly Link between their website and Resmark.

Direct Linking can be done in a variety of ways. Although many customers directly like to a page such as – there are many other approaches to utilize Direct Linking, including:

  • Linking to one item
  • Linking to multiple items
  • Linking to an item type
  • Linking to a specific location

Direct Linking

Check out these companies who are currently Directly Linking to their Resmark Booking System:

3 Additional Integration Tips

  • "Book Now" buttons should be placed prominently toward the top of a page where they catch the viewers eye without scrolling through text.
  • Since "Book Now" Buttons are a call-to-action, these buttons should be colored so they catch the viewer's eye and complement your site's style while standing out from additional buttons and links.
  • When "Book Now" button integration is complete, be sure to review your site on multiple devices – including desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Contact Resmark Support at 801-733-9548 or for assistance in integrating your Resmark Tour Booking System to your website.

Colleen Tvorik

Colleen Tvorik

Colleen is the Director of Client Relations & Customer Success for Resmark Systems and WaiverSign. When she’s not working with our clients, she’s likely out in the mountains training for Ironman triathlons, cycling, trail running or skiing.