According to HD Marketing, "The mix of media channels has shifted from a one-way broadcast model to a set of dynamic two-way media forums." In other words, marketing now feels more like you’ve just pulled up to this street sign and are scratching your head. The fact is that today, marketing is about conversations. Email and … Continued

TripAdvisor recently announced its new mobile app. It will allow travelers to make better last-minute decisions – even during their vacations.   The trend towards basing travel decisions on feedback from real people is ever increasing.  Getting a high quantity of excellent reviews on sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp is paramount for tour companies. So, how … Continued

Have you ever received and email from an airline featuring fares from Dallas to Miami when you live in Portland?  Or how about an email from a tour operator showing you the ultimate costal biking adventure when you really wanted to go sea kayaking?  What’s worse is when the airline knows you live in Portland … Continued

In terms of social media for business use, especially in the travel industry, a lot of our focus is on facebook and twitter – and for good reason.  Here are some stats of unique visitors and monthly visits for the top social networks. In this post, I’ll focus on twitter.  For some ideas on facebook, … Continued

According to, facebook had over 120 million unique vistors over the last year.  Twitter had over 20 million unique visitors in the last year – an increase of over 1,000% from the previous year.  If you’re still not sure how social media relates to your tour operator business in terms of the power of … Continued

Finding the right reservation software online can often be a serious challenge.  Computerized reservation systems come in so many varieties. The trick is finding the once that fits your business model before you get completely overwhelmed with systems that don’t fit your needs. If you’re a bed and breakfast, you’re looking for something that fits … Continued