How does your business stack up against other tour operators when it comes to social media strategy using tools like Facebook and Twitter? Many in the adventure travel industry have longed for a more concrete way to know if their social media  efforts are worthwhile and what can be done to improve those efforts. With … Continued

Is Facebook really that effective?  Does it have any impact on sales?  These are important questions that many tour operators seem to be asking lately. Here’s an interesting story. Lori Franciose, a reservationist from Western River Expeditions, just got back from a trip down Cataract Canyon. The thing that surprised her the most, was how and … Continued

 Why do most companies spend huge amounts of money on the wrong advertising? It’s often because they don’t have a good way to track leads, conversions and cost of advertising. Resmark Systems tour operator software offers a way to track all this. Tour Operators using Resmark will often ask, "What is the best way to … Continued

With a little imagination and thousands of dollars, you can do some creative stuff with facebook.  As a smaller tour operator with access to the internet and a limited budget, you can learn a lot from these bigger companies. I love to see what some of the big brands are doing with social media.  You … Continued

Delta airlines does some fantastic marketing. They just gave the website a nice facelift and they’ve just integrated the "Ticket Window" that allows customers to book their flights entirely through facebook.  In light of all this great marketing, I received an email from Delta the other day that struck me as, well, not so … Continued

Michael Smith, President of AdventureSmith, Inc. responds to questions about Resmark Systems as a reservation and marketing solution for the Canopy Tour and Challenge Course industry and tour operators in general. Michael has 16 plus years experience in the challenge course industry as a facilitator/guide, builder, manager, trainer, and business consultant and holds degrees in … Continued

According to a study at USC, 50 million US Internet users are active in social networks.  For the travel and tour industry this represents a huge opportunity. Not only do people love to talk about travel experiences, but they also like to hear about them.  The Razorfish Consumer Experience Report concluded that "40% of online … Continued

It’s no longer sufficient to simply insert a first name into an email.  Consumers want companies to get to know more about them and send them applicable information. A recent study by e-Dialog and published by eMarketer found that relevant products and services were most important to customers, demonstrating that marketers know what kind of … Continued