No, we’re not talking about the stock market here.  We’re talking about adding things to a booking that can help your guests have a more enjoyable experience and increase your reservation revenue along the way.  And, you won’t even need to login to your brokerage account! Whether you’re booking an activity, lodging or a rental, … Continued

Resmark’s tour booking system generates leads online.  When a lead is created online, a few questions are asked that help create a profile for the lead. One of the question fields allows the person to enter some comments. If a web visitor fills out the comments field, you will recieve an email notification. The only … Continued

Resmark travel reservation software allows companies booking tours, events, lodging, classes and attractions to generate leads and then automatically follow-up with those leads by email. So, how do you know if your automated follow-up emails are effective?   Here are 3 key performance indicators to help you gauge the success of your use of Resmark’s … Continued

Resmark Systems Tour Operator Software allows tour companies to automatically trigger follow-up emails to leads, but it does it in a way that can personalize those emails to fit the interests of each individual lead and it stops sending them once a reservation is made. So, as a tour operator, can you send too many lead … Continued

In the whitepaper, Travel, Tweets & Trends, the chart below shows that adventure travel companies are doing a good job of connecting with current customers using social media. However, the study points out that many companies make the mistake of thinking that social media is free or inexpensive. "One of the great fallacies of social media … Continued

On January 11, 2011 Forrester Research released "The Customer Experience Index, 2011".  Only thirty-five percent of the brands surveyed earned an excellent or good rating.  This means that almost two-thirds of brands were rated okay to very poor. Among the recommendations offered by Forrester to improve the customer experience was that companies need to define … Continued

After implementing the Resmark tour booking system, online bookings shot up more than 400 percent. Customers could book a trip on the website (not just a "reservation request") and receive an immediate email confirmation which was not possible before Resmark. Aside from all the great functionality delivered by Resmark, Orange Torpedo says that what really … Continued

A recent study by Forrester Research, the premier analyst in social media, reports that organizations are planning to invest in social media more than any other marketing tool included in the research.  (See chart below) If you are a tour operator you should also be using social media to build your business.  Using Resmark tour … Continued