Why do most companies spend huge amounts of money on the wrong advertising? It’s often because they don’t have a good way to track leads, conversions and cost of advertising. Resmark Systems tour operator software offers a way to track all this. Tour Operators using Resmark will often ask, "What is the best way to … Continued

Western River Expeditions, now working on its 50th year in the outdoor travel industry, continues to take folks down the Grand Canyon and expand its day trip adventure operation based in Moab, Utah.   Lori Franciose, one of their lead reservationists in their Salt Lake office, just got back from a trip down Cataract Canyon. The … Continued

Resmark's new mobile booking system is taking off for tour companies everywhere! Statistics abound showing website visitation on smart phones and tablets increasing at an unprecedented rate. Travelers are continually using their phones to research and book hotels, check-in for flights, and now – book tours and activities. Resmark has enabled tour operators to take … Continued

Talking about your travels is much easier than reviewing the plumber who fixed the toilet yesterday.  As tour operators, we should have no problem getting a plethora of reviews.  A recent post from KISS Metrics highlights 7 creative ways to get customer testimonials.  Facebook Reviews Linked In Recommendations Youtube Video Reviews Local Search Directories Niche … Continued

Someone visits your website, requests an itinerary, a brochure or a guide to your area.  You’ve generated a lead.  Now what?  Statistics show that nearly 50% of companies never follow-up with a prospect. They also show that over 80% of sales are made after the fifth contact. What are you doing to followup? Resmark Systems … Continued

Karen returns from an unforgettable South African adventure.  She posts a new photo album on her facebook page, tweets a note about your company to her 827 followers, and replies to an emailed survey to give you some feedback about the trip.  A few days later, in her newsfeed, she finds a recent post of … Continued

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate in a Webinar with Jason Reckers from the Adventure Travel Trade Association.  We reviewed our social media study "Travel, Tweets and Trends,"  which included participation from over 250 tour operators worldwide.  We also discussed several concrete social media concepts working well for tour operators within … Continued

You’ve probably seen, as I did, some of the many articles and blogs the predicted the decline in email and its eventual death.  Every time I read an article I started to scratch my head–it just didn’t make any sense, especially in the light of the fact that companies like Groupon and Living Social are … Continued

Have you heard the new buzzword:  Social commerce.  I just read an article by Jacquie McCarnan, on Social Media Today and I think she has some good advice.  Jacquie says the following:  "The new arm of social media is social commerce and you can bet your donkey (insert synonym here) that if you’re not addressing … Continued